for the journey ahead

Winged Culture

A dove is globally considered a symbol of peace and rest, virtue, hope. In years gone by, doves have been everything from messengers, to sacrifices, to holy emblems. All valid representations of the creature. Take a closer look...the dove is muscular, intelligent, intentional.

The Provision Dove, designed to represent the spirit of Provision, is all of these things: peaceful but not weak, restful yet hard at work, hopeful yet intentional. Our culture is designed around these core principals and the result is Provision Castle Rock. We intentionally built every corner of the concept located at 302 Wilcox St. to properly embody our winged logo that started it all. We hope that our creation brings peace to those who are weary, intentionality to those on a mission, and clarity to those ready to fly on.

Provision, Refreshment for the Journey Ahead.
A Craft Cocktail Lounge in the Heart of Castle Rock

Drinks / Menu

*some items may be limited due to ingredient supply availability and demand

Event Calendar & Bookings

Educating and serving our community is something we’re passionate about! Keep on track with our event calendar to get notified for amazing tastings, special representative presentations, spirit specific nights, cocktail trainings and much more. To be notified, please sign up for our mailing list.
Additionally, we’re now open for private event reservations. Please contact for more details.

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Reservations are highly suggested as many seatings will be reservation only. Please reserve with OpenTable above and contact with any questions/issues.

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